Peer Review of BSC Procedural Standards

The 2012 National BSC Committee welcomes you to review the revision of the NEBB Whole Building Systems Technical Commissioning Procedural Standards. Please respond to with your comments by May 28, 2012.

The committee’s goal is to eliminate should, shall, may language in the procedural standard, and create a straight forward, clear path for the NEBB BSC platform. We are looking for your comments on whether it is clear and concise to the NEBB Certified Professional. Please review and send your comments to the BSC committee and the committee will incorporate any changes that the collective agrees. The following are some of the things that the committee is looking for:

  1. Does the platform describe the technical approach that NEBB commissioning requires?
  2. Did the reviewer see a clear path in performing these procedures?
  3. Can the reviewer let the committee know whether or not your company performs the paper work for the PFT check sheets or does your company request these to be performed by the contractors?(this question is for polling purposes for getting the majority opinion)
  4. Would you like to see NEBB change the requirement so that the NEBB Firm would complete all PFT check out (check sheets)?

The BSC committee would like to thank you for your time and we are looking forward to your input. If you would like the committee to give you a personal response please feel free to include your contact information and we will respond with answers to your questions and whether or not your recommendations will be included into the new procedural standards.