By going back to basics to assess what is working well and what may need replacement, Technical Retro-Commissioning of Existing Buildings is the thorough compilation of building data and analysis, as well as providing strategic planning and execution.

From data collection and field verification to testing, analyzation, and documentation of facts, this discipline aims to provide optimal performance.

Why Retro-Commissioning Certification?

Retro-Commissioning (RCx) is a significant business opportunity for contractors, TAB professionals, Engineering and Commissioning firms correcting under-performing buildings, improving indoor environment and comfort, and optimizing energy usage for aging facilities.

Technical Retro Commissioning of building systems drives deep, lasting energy savings for owners and managers of existing buildings by taking a holistic approach to energy efficiency. It covers building systems, energy using equipment, operating schedules, and optimizes how these elements perform together.


NEBB’s Technical Retro-Commissioning for Existing Buildings program provides certification of firms and individuals that meet the criteria established by NEBB.


Technical Retro-Commissioning Certification Requirements for a Firm

In order to become NEBB Certified in Retro-Commissioning, a firm must:

RCx Specifications

View NEBB’s Retro-Commissioning specifications

RCx Committee

Meet the NEBB Retro-Commissioning Committee

RCx Instrumentation

Comply with required Retro-Commissioning instrumentation