NEBB Certification Program

Learn what it takes to acquire the gold standard in professional building certification

In the building industry, NEBB represents qualified experts you can trust. NEBB certification signals highly skilled firms and individuals that have undergone the rigorous requirements set forth by NEBB to prove proficiency in each given discipline. Hiring a firm and specialist with these highly regarded certifications is an easy way for any key player in the industry to perform due diligence and move on to more important things like building turnover

Obtaining NEBB Certification

Receiving international acclaim, NEBB and its universal certification requirements are now sought after in every corner of the world.

Becoming NEBB-Certified as a Firm

To become NEBB certified, firms must demonstrate a reputation for integrity and responsible performance, conform to all NEBB requirements, and employ a NEBB Certified individual in the discipline they wish to gain certification in – whether that be Building Enclosure Testing, Fume Hood Performance or another NEBB discipline.

Becoming NEBB-Certified as an Individual

To gain NEBB Certification, individuals must possess specific education and professional experience, and pass comprehensive examinations.


From Building Systems Commissioning to Cleanroom Performance Testing, every NEBB discipline certification has unique prerequisite requirements and is anchored by a specific Body of Knowledge that provides guidelines for curriculum development and exams.


NEBB Certified individuals must remain current with industry trends through continuing education in their related fields.

Understanding NEBB Individual Certifications 

Professional Certification

Certified Professional certifications are offered in all disciplines. Extensive educational background combined with field experience is required. 


Certain disciplines require demonstration of practical working knowledge and hands-on testing. Only NEBB Certified Professionals employed by a NEBB Certified Firm holding a current NEBB-issued stamp may authenticate NEBB Certified Reports.

Professional Certification

Certified Technician certifications are available in Building Systems Commissioning; Cleanroom Performance Testing; Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing; Sound Measurement; and Vibration Measurement.


Working under the guidance of a NEBB Certified Professional, specific eligibility criteria, training, and examinations must be met to obtain NEBB Certified Technician status.

Ongoing NEBB Certification & Education

Every NEBB Certified Professional is expected to undertake further education to gain recertification. To support these efforts, we offer regular training seminars related to our primary disciplines. This ensures NEBB certificates and certification candidates remain on the cutting edge of industry trends, technology and techniques. These valuable, often hands-on courses are taught by NEBB-certified experts and are held in various locations throughout the United States.


We also provide insights and technical updates related to the global HVAC industry through the online NEBB Learning Center (NLC). Our annual conference provides NEBB Certified Professionals with an incredible networking opportunity, as well as the chance to hear from prominent industry leaders at sessions that cover important industry, technical and business management updates.


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