Cleanroom Performance Testing Certification

Through proper instrumentation and documentation, Cleanroom Performance Testing verifies environmental pollutants, per standards and specifications, are not present. NEBB certification demonstrates expertise in the required standards and guidelines, applied HVAC theory, filtration collection mechanisms, instrumentation, and reporting – all of which enables cleanroom assurance and optimization. 

Why Cleanroom Performance Testing Certification?

If you are searching for a rewarding and high-tech career path, consider Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT).


Clean and controlled environments are used by a wide range of industries. From their more obvious uses in medical facilities to their necessity in integrated circuit manufacture, cleanrooms provide an essential role in modern production and research.

Industries that use clean rooms include biotechnology, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, medical, military and tele communications. Cleanrooms are particularly important to the semiconductor industry. 



Various companies provide cleanroom design and construction, whether modular or facility wide. Some clean “rooms” can even span an entire factory.


NEBB’s Cleanroom Performance Testing program provides certification of firms and individuals that meet the criteria established by NEBB.


Cleanroom Performance Testing Certification Requirements for Firms

NEBB certifies firms to ensure strict compliance to its high standards and procedures. Each Certified Firm mustmeet an array of criteria, including:

CPT Specifications

View NEBB’s Cleanroom Performance Testing specifications

CPT Committee

Meet the NEBB Cleanroom Performance Testing Committee

CPT Instrumentation

Comply with required Cleanroom Performance Testing instrumentation