Fume Hood Performance Testing

To determine proper ventilation, thorough knowledge of the interaction of fume hoods, exhaust systems, and the laboratory system itself is required. By affirming expertise in HVAC dynamics and laboratory design, as well as an ability to properly utilize instrumentation, certification in Fume Hood Performance Testing assures an expert to confirm performance of the fume hood, laboratory, and system.

Why Fume Hood Testing Certification?

As more facilities are using fume hoods in their research laboratories, there is a demand for certified, competent firms to make sure a facility’s fume hoods are operating effectively.

Certification in Fume Hood Testing (FHT) will offer hospitals, laboratories, and educational facilities proof of technical knowledge, skills ,and instrumentation to test fume hoods for effectiveness.


NEBB’s Fume Hood Performance Testing program provides certification of firms and individuals that meet the criteria established by NEBB.


Fume Hood Testing Certification Requirements for Firms

In order to become NEBB Certified in Fume Hood Testing, a firm must:

FHT Specifications

View NEBB’s Fume Hood Testing specifications

FHT Committee

Meet the NEBB Fume Hood Testing Committee

FHT Instrumentation

Comply with required Fume Hood Testing instrumentation