Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

Discover the benefits of NEBB’s TAB certification – and how you can achieve it

Allowing HVAC systems to meet or exceed the performance levels of their design specifications, Testing, Adjusting and Balancing helps provide environmentally efficient buildings.


Using specialized instruments, this methodical regulation of the system is intended to evaluate equipment and system performance, and proper adjustment of the balancing devices when necessary.


It provides building owners and tenants with optimal environmental performance, while minimizing costs through efficiency.

What is
Testing, Adjusting and Balancing?

Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) is a vital process in the management and optimization of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, particularly focusing on ductwork.  

TAB ensures that an HVAC system operates efficiently and effectively by systematically verifying and fine-tuning its performance.

Practical Applications of TAB

TAB is crucial in both new constructions and existing buildings. For new constructions, TAB ensures that the HVAC system is set up correctly from the start, meeting design specifications and providing optimal performance. In existing buildings, TAB can address issues such as uneven heating and cooling, high energy bills, and poor indoor air quality.  


For instance, in a commercial building with extensive ductwork, TAB can identify and correct airflow issues that might lead to hot and cold spots, thereby improving occupant comfort and reducing energy consumption. Additionally, TAB helps in maintaining regulatory compliance and achieving sustainability goals by ensuring the HVAC system operates at peak efficiency. 

Why Get NEBB-Certified in 
Testing, Adjusting and Balancing?

Building owners and tenants are concerned that the environmental performance of buildings must be optimal while the operating cost should be minimal. 
These goals can only be accomplished when a building’s HVAC and hydronic systems are properly balanced. Three major steps used to achieve the proper operation of the HVAC and hydronic systems and a desirable climate are testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB).

The purpose of NEBB’s TAB certification program is to offer tangible proof of competent firms and professionals qualified in the proper methods and procedures for testing building systems for optimum performance. 

Optimize HVAC
Systems with Testing, Adjusting & Balancing

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    TAB NEBB Certification Objectives

    The objectives of NEBB’s TAB certification program are:

    To establish industry standards, procedures, and specifications for environmental systems TAB.
    To set minimum educational standards and other requirements for the qualification of certified professionals who perform this work.
    To establish educational programs for training certified professionals in the proper methods and procedures for environmental systems TAB.
    To certify as qualified for the performance and supervision of environmental systems TAB, those firms who meet the requirements for certification as established by NEBB, who agree to comply with the objectives of NEBB, and who employ certified professionals who have met the NEBB Certification Board requirements for certification.
    To serve as a clearinghouse for educational and technical materials pertinent to TAB work.

    Becoming NEBB-Certified in
    Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

    NEBB Individual Certification

    Gaining TAB certification involves an extensive period of study covering 6 key domains, followed by a 5-hour closed book exam. Once you are certified you will gain access to exciting professional opportunities, increased domain authority and ongoing professional education from NEBB.

    Responsibilities of NEBB TAB Certified Professionals

    NEBB Firm Certification

    Firms can gain TAB certification if they have operated for at least 12 months continuously with full-time employees in the following roles: installing piping contractor; installing sheet metal contractor; installing mechanical contractor; or contractor engaged in TAB work. 


    However, to gain TAB certification your firm must also: 

    Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Certification Requirements for Firms

    View TAB Practical Exam Sites

    For the convenience of applicants, NEBB offers various TAB practical exam sites at NEBB chapter locations nationwide. Click below to view the full list.

    TAB Specifications

    View NEBB’s Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing specifications

    TAB Committee

    Meet the NEBB Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Committee

    TAB Instrumentation

    Comply with required Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing instrumentation