International Certifications for Delivering

High-Performance Buildings

NEBB is the premier international certifying association for firms 
and individuals that deliver high performance buildings and systems.

NEBB Certified Firms, Professionals, and Technicians uphold the highest standards in building enclosure, cleanroom performance testing, and fume hood performance testing, as well as sound and vibration measurement, building systems commissioning and processes, technical retro-commissioning of existing buildings, and testing, adjusting and balancing.


Why Work With NEBB?


50+ Years Experience

NEBB has been considered the gold standard in building system certifications since its inception in 1971.

Unparalleled Quality 

NEBB is the only high-performance Building System organization offering certifications across 8 disciplines.

Trusted Globally

NEBB has certified over 750 firms and 3,205 individuals across multiple countries and continents.

Led by Experts 

NEBB disciplines are overseen by leading figures in their field, ensuring exacting standards throughout the qualification process.

Our Certification Programs

Firm Certification

Build your reputation, improve your offering and gain a competitive advantage by becoming a NEBB certified firm. Check whether you meet the certification criteria, select an employee to supervise NEBB-related work and get started today. 

Individual Certification 

Accelerate your career, develop your knowledge and skills and access new professional opportunities with NEBB certification. Choose your discipline, check your eligibility and start your journey today.

Download NEBB Specifications

Leading engineers and architects trust NEBB specifications to guide projects with peace of mind. We provide best-in-class industry standards across 8 disciplines to ensure every building meets the most up-to-date requirements – lowering costs and achieving optimal system performance. 

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    By measuring the efficiency of building systems and providing customized solutions for business owners, our vast network of highly skilled specialists can ensure all components of a specific environment operate seamlessly, both now and in the future.


    Our quarterly magazine, The NEBB Professional, helps keep our network of professionals well-informed with technical articles focused on industry trends. Read the latest issue here, and we think you’ll know why over 20,000 readers look forward to receiving this publication.


    In addition to our anticipated annual conference, our focus on quality hands-on education is evident from the many technical seminars we offer throughout the year. Browse our events calendar and see for yourself!

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      Recertification helps to ensure NEBB certified firms and professionals remain equipped with the knowledge, instruments and skills necessary to compete in a world of ever-changing possibilities.

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