Individual Recertification

Individual Recertification Guidelines and Deadlines:

A uniformly applied recertification program with a set deadline for submission of continuing education credit (CEC) requirements and payment of an annual recertification fee, ensures that the Public will find a consistent quality of proficiency and knowledge among NEBB Certificants.

NEBB certification disciplines demand that its CPs and CTs acquire and maintain a broad base of knowledge. The body of knowledge in the world changes constantly and in an explosion of information, NEBB Certificants must keep up. The benefits of continuing education are learning new skills, keeping up with technological advances, developing new areas of expertise. But the hidden benefits could be even more valuable: keeping the mind open to new idea, honing the skills of learning, and developing as a well-rounded professional.



Certified Professional:

Certified Professionals are required to:

The CP CEC Policy Form is available here.

Certified Technician:

Certified Technicians are required to:

The CT CEC Policy Form is available here.


August 1 – December 31: NEBB’s Individual CEC Submission Period

Individual Certificants CEC recertification paperwork (verification documentation) can be uploaded and submitted to the Individual Certificant’s personal profile located in Certelligence beginning August 1. 

September 1 – December 31: Payment of Annual Recertification Fee

The annual recertification fee can be paid any time from September 1 through December 31 by accessing the invoice in the Certificant’s personal profile located in Certelligence.  Failure to pay the annual recertification fee by December 31 will result in late fees being assessed.  

January 1 – March 31: Late Fees Assessed and Compounded

Individual Certificants whose completed CEC paperwork is not uploaded and submitted to their personal profile in Certelligence and who have not paid their annual recertification fees by December 31 are considered late and will be assessed late fees.

April 1 – June 30: Suspension Period

Individual Certificants whose completed CEC paperwork is not submitted to NEBB AND/OR have not paid their Annual Recertification Fee on or before March 31 are considered Suspended.  Failure to pay the annual recertification fee AND/OR submit the required CECs by June 30 will automatically result in Decertification on July 1. 


NEBB Certified Professional CEC Policy

NEBB Certified Technician CEC Policy

CEC Submission Instructions