Employer Certification

Acceptance Test Employers

NEBB Certification as a California Non-Residential Mechanical Acceptance Test Employer is open to all employers – union or non-union – that meet the requirements for certification.  This includes licensed HVAC contractors (C-4 or C-20) and professional engineering firms.  The employer must have at least one Certified Acceptance Test Technician for each Form type for which the employer seeks certification.


Training for Mechanical Acceptance Test Employers consists of a class or webinar consisting of a minimum of four hours of instruction that covers the scope and process of the acceptance tests in Building Energy Efficiency Standards, Section 120.5. As a prerequisite to attending the class or webinar, applicants are required to read a summary of the code sections related to Non-Residential Mechanical Acceptance Testing.

A review of the Non-Residential Mechanical Acceptance Forms, their purpose, when and under what circumstances they are applicable, and the specific sections of the code related to each Acceptance Form, and the employer’s administrative responsibility will be covered in the class or webinar.

Employer Certification Exam 

The exam is a written exam consisting of two parts. The first part contains questions relating to the current code as it pertains to acceptance testing and is conducted “open book,” whereas the second part, conducted “closed book,” contains questions related to the Employer’s administrative responsibilities and NEBB oversight policies.