Technician Certification Program

Acceptance Test Technicians

NEBB Certification as a California Non-Residential Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician is open to all individuals – union or non-union – that meet the requirements for certification.  This includes licensed HVAC technicians and Professional Engineers. 

Participation in the technician certification program is limited to:


Technician Certification Exams: 

Each Technician candidate must pass a written entrance exam, designed to verify the candidate’s knowledge of basic HVAC systems, their operation, and engineering principles, as well as a post-class written and performance (hands-on) exam. 

All applicants must pass a written entrance exam. Access the technician certification exam here:  Individual entrance exams have been created to verify the applicant’s knowledge basic HVAC systems, their operation, and engineering principles as it pertains to each Form.

Written Exam

The written exam is designed to determine that applicants for certification possess all of the knowledge relevant to the specific discipline and protocols contained within the Acceptance Form related to the certification. The exam is professionally proctored and administered, closed book in a secure online format.

Performance Exam

The performance exam is designed to demonstrate an ability to understand and proficiently and reliably perform the Mechanical Acceptance Test for which the Technician has applied for certification. The performance exam is conducted in a manner that replicates field acceptance testing conditions and involves performing all associated tasks and correctly filling out the Acceptance Test Forms.  The exams are conducted by NEBB-appointed Examiners.

In order to provide Technicians employed by small contractors engaged in light commercial applications with an opportunity to participate, NEBB has developed more content for the areas of competency that are frequently addressed by this group of technicians. The areas are represented in forms NRCA-MCH-02-A, 03-A, 05-A, 06-A, 07-A, 12-A, 13-A.

Technician Certification Identification
Numbers and Cards

All NEBB certified individuals shall be issued a unique Certification Identification Number.  All Certified Technicians shall receive a wallet size certification card that indicates all Acceptance Tests for which the Technician is certified. (Technicians are required to have their certification card on their person when performing acceptance testing.)