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NEBB Firm Recertification is now open!


NEBB firm recertification is now open!  Please log into your portal to access the instrument recertification submission.

  • Please click HERE to log in to Certelligence
  • Click Firm Recertification - 2021 to start your firm's Recertification Submittal

To view the firm new instrument requirements, please refer to the NEBB website for more information.  Should you have any questions regarding instrument requirements, please contact your local chapter.

NEBB Firm Recertification Process and Procedures:

Verification of ownership and current calibration of all NEBB-required instruments is mandatory every two years.  If your firm’s current certificate and stamp expiration date reads March 31, 2021, your firm is due to recertify. Online recertification opens August 1, 2020 


If your firm is due to recertify, the firm’s online submission is required to be approved by the chapter and forwarded to NEBB by December 31 by following the instructions below. 

  1. Have all necessary instruments (including newly purchased ones) properly calibrated for each discipline that your firm holds NEBB Certification prior to completing the online recertification.
    1. For any submission of an instrument not currently not on the approved drop-down list, firms must submit adequate manufacturer’s documentation indicating compliance with parameters set-forth in the most current edition of the Procedural Standard for that discipline.
    2. Upload the complete current calibration, all sheets, for each instrument for review and approval. 
  2. You will need to supply proof of ownership of the current edition of the Procedural Standard for all disciplines that your firm is recertifying.  Please upload a photocopy of the cover or a copy of the purchase invoice.
  3. The Chapter has the right to request a picture of any instrument to be uploaded behind the calibration sheet to help with the review.  A chapter may request pictures of device that do not require calibration.
  4. Please remember that any documentation submitted incorrectly or found incomplete will result in further delays and late fees.
  5. If the firm submission is pulled for NEBB audit, pictures and calibration sheets must be provided to the NEBB upon request for review.


Firm Instrument Calibration Dates Guidelines:

Calibration for the instruments must be valid for 90 days beyond the day the firm submits to the chapter.


Recertification Guidelines and Deadlines:

Chapter approved firm recertification submissions are due to NEBB by December 31 (OP 2.4.1). Failure to submit the chapter approved firm recertification to NEBB by December 31 will result in delays in the turnaround process and the NEBB Certified Firm may not receive the new stamp(s) and certificate(s) before their current ones expire on March 31.


Submissions received after December 31 will be subject to the following:

  1. Submissions received by NEBB on or after January 1 will result in a $150 late fee being automatically assessed to the firm.
  2. Submissions received by NEBB on or after February 1 will result in a $250 late fee being on automatically assessed to the firm.
  3. Submissions received by NEBB on or after March 1 will result in a $350 late fee being automatically assessed to the firm.
  4. Submissions received by NEBB on or after April 1 will result in automatic suspension of the firm certification (NEBB OP 4.5.2) as well as a $1000 reinstatement fee automatically being assessed to the firm.


All late fees will need to be satisfied before NEBB can process the submission for recertification.  ‚ÄčIf NEBB does not receive the approved submission and any NEBB late fees or the reinstatement fee before June 30, the NEBB Certified Firm will be automatically be decertified (OP 4.6.1) and must wait 12 months to be eligible to reapply for certification. 



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