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TAB Seminar To Be Held in Maryland in May

TAB CP Review Seminar
May 1-3, 2017
Gaithersburg, MD
Seminar Overview

This seminar will cover engineering principles, charts, diagrams, problem solving and techniques, along with reviewing HVAC principles involved with TAB work and HVAC testing, including:


·         Formulas and Their Use: Formulas are used daily by a TAB professional and should be memorized and applied appropriately as needed. Formulas include ratios of speed vs volume vs pressure vs BHP for air and hydronic systems. Other formulas that become necessary on occasion include V-belt length, BTUH, sensible, latent and total heat, and others. Attendees will receive a list of commonly used formulas for their use and application.


·         Electricity: Attendees will re-familiarize themselves with single vs three phase systems, how to measure voltage and amperage, overload protection, calculation of brake horsepower and the need for using safe practices and safety equipment for protection while gathering necessary measurements.


·         Fan Laws & Curves: Fan affinity laws will be covered and Attendees will review how to apply known data to fan curves. Instructors will discuss individual fan systems as well as fans in series and fans in parallel.


·         Pump Laws & Curves: Pump affinity laws and how to apply known data to pump curves will be discussed and demonstrated. Individual pumping systems as well as open systems, closed systems, pumps in series and pumps in parallel and NPSH requirements will be covered.


·         Air Systems: Various configurations of air systems such as supply, return and exhaust systems as well as constant volume, variable volume heat recovery, induction systems, active chill beam systems, and makeup air systems will be reviewed.


·         Hydronic Systems: Various configurations of hydronic systems will be discussed such as one pipe, two pipe, three pipe and four pipe systems; heating water systems, chilled water systems, condenser water systems positive displacement pumps, primary/secondary systems, tertiary pumping systems.


·         Psychometrics: The use of a psychrometric chart as it applies to TAB and relates to the physical properties of air and the relationship of the properties to each other will be reviewed. Attendees will spend considerable time learning to plot psychrometric charts and understand the principles.


·         Problem Solving: TAB Professionals identify problems and determine solutions or provide necessary information for responsible parties to address and correct the problem. This involves solid logic capabilities requiring the professional to exercise a systematic approach to the identification and resolution of problems or difficulties exposed by the TAB process.


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Gaithersburg, MD 20877
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