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YPN Technology Tips & Tricks


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This NEBBinar, Technology Tips & Tricks, created and presented by members of NEBB’s Young Professional Network’s Ad Hoc Committee, Jonathen Lloyd, Dane Richards and Tyler Hall,  will visually illustrate how to use today’s technology to enhance your business practice.


Jonathen Lloyd will present on Veam Studios Inspector, an efficiency program which reduces reporting paperwork. Dane Richards will illustrate the ins and outs of BlueBeam REVU, an online collaboration product. Tyler Hall will guide the viewer through, a program used for creating TAB and Commissioning coordination drawings.  At the end of each section, the presenters will answer specific questions pertaining to their presentation.


CPs and CTs watching this NEBBinar will receive 1 (one) continuing education credit. Instructions on obtaining the necessary verification documentation is explained in the NEBBinar. 




Jonathen Lloyd, TAB CP, is a member of NEBB’s Australian Chapter and a founding member of NEBB’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) Ad Hoc Committee.  President of Lloyd’s TAB Pty Ltd in Reedy Creek, Queensland, Australia, he oversees the management and daily operations of the company. He and his company are committed to effectively Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Air and Hydronic Systems to suit client’s specific needs. Jonathen specialized by identifying issues during the quotation process which may be rectified early by the contractor.




Dane Richards, PE, BET CP, CxPP, is a founding member of NEBB’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) Ad Hoc Committee.  Dane is Director of Capital Engineering & Infrastructure in the Office of University Architects (OUA) at the University of Georgia (UGA) located in Athens, GA. He provides engineering leadership for civil, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems during all phases of capital projects including planning, design, construction, and warranty. He collaborates with stakeholders across the UGA community as well as Designers/Consultants, Construction Professionals, and Commissioning Providers to ensure project success. 




Tyler Hall, TAB CT, BET CP, CxPP, BSC CxCT, is a founding member of NEBB’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) Ad Hoc Committee. He is employed at Atlantic Testing in Powhatan, VA and oversees commissioning projects with a cradle to grave approach. Roles include but are not limited to Owner Project Requirements (OPR) review/development, Design Review, Pre-Field Engineering, Pre-Functional Commissioning Checkout, Functional Performance Testing, Systems Manual development, Post-Occupancy Performance Verification and project management. 


NEBB’s YPN Mission Statement


Serving as a resource for young professionals to cultivate the growth of NEBB for generations to come.



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