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Recommended Reading Materials for Exam Candidates

NEBB’s Commissioning Process Professional (CxPP) Certification Sourcebook includes the recommended reading materials for qualified candidates preparing for the NEBB CxPP certification examination.  The CxPP Sourcebook is a compilation of handbooks, guidelines and standards, including the following:


·         NEBB CxPP Candidate Handbook

·         NIBS Job/Task Analysis (JTA) Dacum Chart for Building Commissioning Professionals

·         ASHRAE Standard 202-2013 Commissioning Process for Building and Systems

·         ASHRAE Guideline 0-2013 The Commissioning Process

·         ASHRAE Guideline 1.1-2007 HVAC&R Technical Requirements for the Commissioning Process

·         ASHRAE Guideline 1.5-2012 The Commissioning Process for Smoke Control Systems

·         ASHRAE Guideline 0.2-2015, Commissioning Process for Existing Systems and Assemblies

·         ASHRAE’s Performance Measurement Protocols for Commercial Buildings: Best Practices Guide


The NEBB CxPP Sourcebook is available for purchase in print from the ESCO Group.  To place your order, click here:  CxPP Sourcebook.


By purchasing the CxPP Sourcebook, you will pay less than half the cost of purchasing these documents directly from their publishers. However, if you already have these some of the documents or wish to purchase electronic versions, here are links to order and/or download them:


·         NEBB CxPP Candidate Handbookclick to download.

·         NIBS Job/Task Analysis (JTA) Dacum Chart for Building Commissioning Professionals – click to complete licensing agreement and download

·         ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines:  click for ASHRAE bookstore



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