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Whole Building Technical Commissioning of New Construction

ANSI/NEBB Standard S110-2018NEBB_Technical_Commissioning_Process_Standard_final_01292018_-_Cover

Technical Commissioning (Cx) is the creation, implementation and documentation of a commissioning process that involves third party technical inspections and systems testing performed and documented by the Commissioning professional and his team.

The NEBB Certified Professional (CP) acting as an advocate for the owner utilizes the processes of this standard to support the designers, contractors and operators in delivering a fully functional building for all the systems included in the project commissioning scope. A key component of Technical Commissioning is that the CP is responsible to identify issues and conditions that do not meet the project requirements as defined by the OPR and supports the project and design teams in the identification of issue resolution. The CP tracks these issues until all issues are resolved as described in this standard.

Technical Commissioning goes beyond the contractor quality process of the standard commissioning process in providing system testing of system operation and functionality. Whereas the standard contractor quality process depends upon the installing contractors to assess the quality and operability of the systems they install, the technical commissioning process uses third party inspection and testing of those systems to validate operability and functionality of the systems.

Technical Commissioning is also different than the standard commissioning process in that technical commissioning does not utilize sampling strategies for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) equipment and system testing but actually requires functional testing on all MEP components for 100% tested systems, as described in this standard.

Building owners are entitled to a professional service from their commissioning professional on every project. To this end, commissioning should be performed by highly trained individuals who are employed by a certified firm and have demonstrated their capability by receiving a personal certification in commissioning. NEBB certifies firms and provides certification of qualified individuals in building systems commissioning. Using NEBB certified firms and individuals in the performance of commissioning to this standard assures the owner of a high-quality project.

The purpose of this standard is to identify the minimum acceptable efforts for a Whole Building Technical Commissioning Project.

An American National Standard is a document that has been sponsored by an ANSI-accredited standards developing organization (SDO) and then approved by ANSI’s Board of Standards Review (BSR) as meeting certain criteria for openness, balance, due process, and consensus in standards development.  ANSI’s SDO accreditation and American National Standard approval processes work in tandem to help make standards development in the U.S. an equitable and open process that serves both U.S. business and the public good.
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