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Procedural Standard for Measurement of Sound and Vibration

Third Edition – September 2015
The purpose of the NEBB Procedural Standard for Measurement of Sound and Vibration is to establish a uniform and
systematic set of criteria for the performance of the sound and vibration testing of environmental and building
Today’s buildings provide highly controlled indoor environments. These conditions could not exist without sophisticated
mechanical systems created by a team of skilled professionals. A key member of this team is the
NEBB Certified Sound and Vibration (S&V) Firm.
This publication is identified as the “Third Edition”. In fact, this is the fourth Procedural Standard that NEBB has
produced for the Sound and Vibration program. The first publication (1977) focused on the measurement and
reporting of sound and vibration levels. The second publication (1994) added the dimension of assessment to
the S&V firm’s responsibility. The third publication (2006) returned the focus of the discipline back to its foundation;
measurement and reporting of S&V data and was published as the Second Edition.
These standards and procedures are intended as the minimum NEBB requirements that a NEBB Certified S&V
Firm shall follow when performing sound and vibration measurements and reporting the results. Contract documents
may supersede the NEBB requirements.


Part 1, STANDARDS, covers the requirements for Quality Control and Compliance, Instrumentation Requirements,
and S&V Reports. Revised requirements for sound and vibration instrumentation and reports
are identified.


Part 2, PROCEDURES, covers measurement procedures of sound and vibration testing for building systems.


The Appendices includes both long and short form of suggested NEBB S&V specifications, and sample report
This edition of the S&V Procedural Standard, when used by NEBB Certified S&V Firms, will assure the building
owner of standard accurate reporting of sound and vibration levels for their facilities.
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