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Predicting tomorrow's complex technical issues and solutions is a challenge. Stay current with NEBB's webinar series - NEBBinar - live webcasts that will provide insights on key changes affecting your business.

Creating CEC Verification Documentation for NEBBinars

Since Certified Individuals must upload "verification documentation" for each CEC category listed in Certelligence under his/her personal profile under Individual Recertification, here are instructions for creating a verification document for NEBB’s NEBBinars.
Go to RESOURCES on the NEBB webpage,
  1. Select "NEBBinars" from the drop down menu.
  2. Select the NEBBinar you want to view.
  3. Sign in and once you are "in," you’ll be given access to the NEBBinar.
  4. Each NEBBinar is about 1 hour in length which translates to 1 NEBB CEC.
  5. Take a screen shot of the Title Slide and a screen shot of the final slide.
  6. Combine those two screens shots into one pdf.
  7. Title the pdf with your name, short title of the NEBBinar and the date you viewed the NEBBinar (expl: Joe Smith - CPT NEBBinar-11.15.17).
  8. Upload to your online portal to meet your bi-annual recertification requirements.

NEBBinar archives:

Learn the benefits of sound and vibration measurement to turn over a better building that is void of sound and vibration issues. 

This presentation will visually illustrate how to use today’s technology to enhance your business practices, moving from previous paper-based methodologies to electronic programs geared to enhance efficiencies and productivity on the job. 

This special presentation will give the viewer a better understanding of how the recent changes to ISO 14644-1 will affect the certification of cleanrooms  The NEBB Cleanroom committee developed this presentation which covers the changes to this very important document, along with what is expected during the execution of the Cleanliness Classification test.  This information benefits both the certifier as well as the cleanroom owners’ Quality Assurance personnel.  If you currently certify Cleanrooms, send a link about this webinar to your clients, as they will find the information presented valuable as well.
Learn the benefits of sound and vibration measurement to turn over a better building that is void of sound and vibration issues.
Learn how to use technical commissioning to improve the design and construction phases of new building projects—and end up with a satisfied building owner.
Learn about ASHRAE 202 which establishes requirements for the commissioning process. It provides procedures, methods, and documentation requirements for each activity for project delivery from pre-design through occupancy and operation.
A TAB Professionls Wish List - Part 1 and Part 2: Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the key components of a TAB project, common issues associated with buildings that are not balanced, and how to select a qualified TAB professional. 
As a leader in this emerging market, NEBB has worked closely the air barrier industry to develop a Building Enclosure Testing program. View the recording for an update on current Building Enclosure Testing standards and procedures. 
Learn about Retro-Commissioning for energy savings and comfort improvements and how to reduce energy use and save money using Retro-Commissioning.  
Learn how to keep buildings performing after occupancy.  

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