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Commissioning Technician Handbook - October 2015, First Edition

This NEBB Commissioning (Cx) Technician Handbook establishes uniform and systematic testing criteria for the commissioning and retro-commissioning (RCx) of new and existing building systems. The purpose of this Handbook is to instruct commissioning technicians in performing system testing for commissioning and retro-commissioning services.. More...



Handbook for Energy & Water Calculations - January 2015, First Edition

The NEBB Handbook for Energy & Water Calculations establishes a methodology that can be used when performing Retro Commissioning of Existing Buildings.  This NEBB Guideline is intended to be utilized by NEBB Certified Commissioning Professionals for the deployment of Retro Commissioning services of Existed Buildings.  Book orders include a CD with an Energy Calculating Tool. More...


Other Building Systems Commissioning study materials:

  • Design Phase Commissioning Handbook (hard copy and CD)


Cleanroom Study Course for CPs and CTs

The 2016 CPT Study Course has been revised and is directly related to the most current versions of cleanroom industry standards along with the NEBB Procedural Standards for Certified Testing of Cleanrooms.  The material contained in this edition represents the knowledge of many individuals with substantial backgrounds from all segments of the cleanroom industry.  The self-paced Study Course is comprised of nine (9) lessons, each with its own recall test to be completed at the end of the lessons. A 50-question Final Test is included which the Individual will take and return to NEBB for grading; notice of the Individual’s Final Test performance will be sent via email. Conscientious and dedicated cleanroom professionals, technicians, and personnel can benefit significantly from the study course contents and the accompanying texts. The CPT Study course is only available in a password protected .pdf form and will be sent via email. 

Sound and Vibration Study Materials:

  • Sound and Vibration Design Analysis

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Study Materials:

  • Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Study course for CPs
  • Environmental Systems Technology
  • Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Study course for Technicians
  • Instructors Guide to TAB Manual for Technicians (available to NEBB certified Firms only)
  • TAB Manual for Technicians
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