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NEBB Formula Chart


Among other important ancillary documents used within NEBB, one of the most important and oft-used documents is NEBB’s Formula Chart.

The current 8-page 2016 Formula Chart has been redone and upgraded to include a wide variety of fundamental formulas, and includes:  

  • NEBB abbreviations
  • Airflow & Velocity Equations
  • Air Temperature Equations
  • Heat Transfer Equations
  • Fan Equations
  • Sheave Equations
  • Electrical and Power Equations
  • Resistance
  • Conversions
  • Hydronic Pump Equations
  • Hydronic Calculations
  • Heat Transfer and Boiler Calculations
  • Metric Equivalents
  • Equivalent Values
  • NEBB Psychrometric Chart
  • Metric Psychrometric Chart
  • Fundamental Formulas

The official NEBB Formula Chart was coordinated and upgraded by NEBB Technical Advisor, Don Fedyk and vetted by the NEBB Committee Chairs, NEBB Certification Board and the NEBB Exam Development Committee.

It is a useful tool for Candidates pursuing certification as well as a reference guide for those Certificants who are on-the-job. The official NEBB Formula Chart is date-stamped and signed by NEBB’s Technical Director and will be reviewed each year. 

NEBB Fundamental Formula Chart_2021

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