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bigstock_Buildings_382421Building owners and tenants are concerned that the environmental performance of buildings must be optimal while the operating cost should be minimal. These goals can only be accomplished when a building’s HVAC and hydronic systems are properly balanced. Three major steps used to achieve the proper operation of the HVAC and hydronic  systems and a desirable climate are testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB).

NEBB TAB Certified Professionals

  • Develop and plan the work
  • Handle report preparation
  • Recommend corrective action
  • Set overall safety plan
  • Maintain instruments and calibration program
  • Have experience with control strategies, sequence of operation, control systems, equipment and software
  • Review, check, sign and stamp final tab report 
Information on Becoming TAB Certified
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TAB CP Certification Candidates: HVACR Course/Exam Modules
As part of the certification exam process for TAB CP certification candidates, completion of the following two online courses/exams is required:  Report Error Finding and Report Preparation. 
Cost per online course/exam is $325 and must be paid directly to HVACR upon registration. 
The courses/exams are three hours in length and Candidates have 30 days to complete the course/exam once they register and begin.   Upon completion, scores will be sent to NEBB’s Certification Personnel. 

To access the HVACR courses/exams, click here:

NEBB Report Preparation & NEBB Report Error Findings:


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