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NEBB Commissioning Technician Handbook -2015

First Edition – October 2015 Commissioning_Technician_Handbook_Cover_-2015
This NEBB Commissioning Technician (CxCT) Handbook establishes uniform and systematic testing criteria for the
commissioning and retro-commissioning (RCx) of new and existing building systems.
The purpose of this Handbook is to instruct commissioning technicians in performing system testing for commissioning
and retro-commissioning services.


This Handbook provides common procedures for technical commissioning inspections and testing for all building systems. It is intended to be used by trained commissioning technicians who use instruments, tools and procedures outlined in this Handbook. The goal of this Handbook is to provide a common testing methodology to ensure the quality of the technical commissioning process. These testing processes can be used for all types and sizes of buildings - from small, simple buildings and systems, to large, very complex buildings and systems. This Handbook is intended to be used for new building commissioning and existing building commissioning.
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