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New Training and Education Center by Total Dynamic Balance, Inc.

Total Dynamic Balance, Inc. has opened its new Training and Education Center located in Deerfield Beach, Florida.
The design and installation was provided by Eric T. Jenison.
This new facility is state of the art and accompanies all aspects of the HVAC industry with classroom style seating available. Audio visual aids will soon be available for power point presentations to supplement the current air, hydronic and control systems.
Air systems currently involve a variable volume system with straight cool and fan powered terminal boxes and also constant volume systems. There are exhaust systems with multiple flow capabilities. All airflows are monitored by state of the art airflow monitoring systems. Hydronic systems currently involve a primary pumping system with secondary and tertiary pumping systems in development. There is a full assortment of flow and pressure measurements available.
The Training and Educational Center will be used toward instrument calibration verification between factory or instrument calibration facilities recalibrations. All the test instruments are calibrated per NEBB or specific instrument recalibration requirements, which ever is more stringent.
Currently the Training and Education Center is also being used for NEBB Certified Professional practical exams as well as NEBB technician written exams.
For more information, please contact Eric Jenison via phone +1.954.520.0876 or email


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