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NEBB's Technical Retro-Commissioning BETA Seminar and Exam

Retro-Commissioning is a significant business opportunity for Contractors, TAB professionals, Engineering and Commissioning firms correcting under-performing buildings, improving indoor environment and comfort, and optimizing energy usage for aging facilities.
Who should attend:
Firms interested in obtaining NEBB certification in Retro-Commissioning should send individuals who play a key role in the commissioning process within their companies. Those attending should be management-level persons, who can qualify as a NEBB Retro-Commissioning Certified Professional by already possessing the required prerequisites.
This technical BETA seminar is exclusively designed for an individual who is interested in becoming a NEBB Retro-Commissioning Certified Professional. Even though this is a BETA Seminar, all passing grades will count towards NEBB Retro-Commissioning Certification. The BSC committee is using this BETA approach to fine tune the procedural standards to make them easier to understand and implement. This seminar will give each participant important input into the final NEBB Retro-Commissioning Procedural Standard that will be issued later in the year. As with its other programs, NEBB has set stringent requirements for NEBB Retro-Commissioning Certification. A key requirement for Retro-Commissioning certification is to:
  • Pass the NEBB Retro-Commissioning Fundamental exam
  • Pass the Retro-Commissioning Seminar exam
All attendees must also own a copy of the NEBB Design Phase Commissioning Manual prior to the seminar.
For more information on the seminar and to register, download the brochure.  



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