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NEBBinar: Technical Commissioning: The most effective commissioning process for new buildings

This NEBBinar was held on Wednesday, March 5, 3-4 p.m. ET.
The NEBBinar described the commissioning process and showcases the NEBB-endorsed technical commissioning process for new building projects. The instructor presented a proven, step-by-step approach for integrating technical commissioning into construction projects; including creating the Owners Project Requirements (OPR) document, conducting the design review, developing the commissioning plan, and performing pre-functional and functional performance tests.
The webcast covered:
• The steps required for a successful technical commissioning process
• How to communicate effectively during the commissioning process
• How to create a comprehensive OPR document
• Techniques for conducting a successful design review
• How to plan and perform pre-functional and functional performance tests.
Learn how to use technical commissioning to improve the design and construction phases of new building projects—and end up with a satisfied building owner.

Meet the Presenters 

Moderator: Jim Huber
President-Elect of NEBB and President of Complete Commissioning
Jim Huber is the President of Complete Commissioning. He has over 29 years of industry experience, is a Certified Energy Manager, and has extensive experience with BACNET, LON, MODBUS, and other building automation protocols and communication networks. He has programming, tuning, and testing experience with multiple systems and applications, as well as building systems commissioning, sound and vibration measurement, and testing and balancing.
Speaker: Dave McFarlane
Principal Project Director, Atkins 
Dave McFarlane is a principal project director in the Building Performance Group of Atkins, one of the world’s leading engineering, design, and project management consultancies. Before joining Atkins in 2012, McFarlane was the president of Technical Commissioning, Inc. (Fort Myers, FL) and McFarlane, Inc. (Grand Forks, ND). He was a member of the NEBB Commissioning Committee from 2000 to 2006; he chaired it in 2003-2004 and rejoined it in 2011. He also serves as an instructor for NEBB’s commissioning and retro-commissioning courses. He speaks at conferences nationwide, and he has written numerous articles for a variety of industry publications.



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