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NEBBinar: Retro-Commissioning for Comfort and Energy Savings

This NEBBinar was held on August 21. The webcast described the Retro-Commissioning process, which revitalizes aging buildings to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort. A step-by-step case study shows how Grand Forks County, North Dakota used Retro-Commissioning to reduce energy consumption by 35% and saved more than $1.4 million. The presentation outlines the process used to renew the County’s Office Building, and compare actual “before-and-after” energy costs. 
The webcast discussion included: 
• How to build a business case for Retro-Commissioning for a building
• Graphs to analyze pre and post Retro-Commissioning energy usage to compare predictions with actual energy savings
• Steps used in the Retro-Commissioning process

Meet the Presenters 

Moderator: Jim Huber
Vice President of NEBB and President of Complete Commissioning
Jim Huber is the President of Complete Commissioning. He has over 29 years of industry experience, is a Certified Energy Manager, and has extensive experience with BACNET, LON, MODBUS, and other building automation protocols and communication networks. He has programming, tuning, and testing experience with multiple systems and applications, as well as building systems commissioning, sound and vibration measurement, and testing and balancing.
Speaker: Dave McFarlane
Principal Project Director, Atkins 
Dave McFarlane is a principal project director in the asset management practice and head of the Retro-Commissioning group for Atkins, one of the world’s leading engineering, design, and project management consultancies. Prior to joining Atkins, Dave was the president of Technical Com­missioning, Inc. (Fort Myers, FL) and McFarlane, Inc. (Grand Forks, ND). He was a mem­ber of NEBB’s Commissioning Committee; he chaired the committee in 2003-2004 and rejoined in 2011. Dave serves as an instructor for NEBB’s courses in Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning. He speaks at conferences nationwide, and has written numerous articles for a variety of industry publications.


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