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NEBBinar: A TAB Professionals Wishlist

The purpose of Testing, Adjusting and Balancing is to ensure that the Building HVAC system is working at optimum performance and providing total occupant comfort. Good TAB is much more than adjusting dampers – it is timely quality control and a complete system check out. TAB should be conducted either when a building project is completed or after it has been renovated.
Symptoms of an improperly balanced building include occupant complaints, poor indoor air quality and high energy bills. If you are having problems with your building, it is likely that you never had a proper TAB by a competent and qualified professional. Presenters will provide insight into what a TAB Professional needs to properly Test, Adjust, and Balance the HVAC system in your building. Presenters will discuss:
• The role of TAB in building performance
• Installation issues
• Equipment concerns
• Design concerns
• And more…
NEBB held a webcast on "A TAB Professionals Wish List" on October 23, 2013 and March 27, 2014. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the key components of a TAB project, common issues associated with buildings that are not balanced, and how to select a qualified TAB professional.
October 23, 2013: Download the presentationrecording and answers to audience questions.
March 27, 2014: Download the presentation and recording.


Meet the Presenters 

Moderator: Nick WhiteNick_White
Chairman of NEBB's TAB Committee 
Nick White is the President of N.D. White Engineering and has been involved in the industry for over 30 years. His experience includes Consulting, Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, Commissioning and Retro Commissioning. He is the Chairman of NEBB’s TAB Committee and is currently leading the update to the Eight Edition of the NEBB TAB Procedural Standards. He has been a NEBB Certified Professional since 1991.
Speaker: Tom HanlonTom_Hanlon
Member of NEBB's TAB Committee
Tom is a member of NEBB’s TAB committee. He has more than 40 years of experience in refrigeration systems, control system design, installation, start-up, project management, technical
consultation, and systems commissioning.
Speaker: Rodney HintonRodney_Hinton
Member of NEBB's TAB Committee
Rodney Hinton is the VP of Palmetto Air & Water Balance, has been involved in the South Carolina Con-struction industry for over 30 years. His experience includes Air Barrier Testing, Mechanical Design, Me-chanical Construction, Test & Balance, Commissioning and Retro Commissioning. He is a member of the NEBB Test, Adjust and Balancing Committee. He is a Member of ASHRAE. He has been a NEBB Certified Professional since 1991 and has co-authored several standards regarding TAB and BET for NEBB.


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