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NEBB Offers Certification Exams through Kryterion Computer-Based Testing

NEBB is pleased to announce that its certification exams can be taken via computer-based testing at Kryterion Test Centers. Starting September 29, 2014, NEBB certification exams can be taken at more than 700 Kryterion Test Centers worldwide, including more than 350 test centers across North America.
NEBB certification candidates now have access to proctored test centers that are local, convenient, secure, and provide a cost-effective means of getting tested and certified. New candidates simply apply for certification through their local NEBB chapter. Once confirmed as qualified, candidates are contacted by NEBB to make an appointment to test at a local test center. Candidates receive their test results at the conclusion of the exam, before leaving the test center. For re-takes, contact NEBB staff directly at, or call Connie Vitale at (301) 977-3698.
Search online at to identify a Kryterion Test Center near you.
NEBB Certification Exam Process – New Candidates
1. Review the requirements for the desired NEBB certification.*
2. Contact your local NEBB chapter to start the application process, confirm eligibility and pay the required fees, which vary by certification. **
3. Once your application is approved, NEBB will contact you to schedule the exam.
4. You will receive a prompt confirmation email regarding the exam schedule and logistics.
NEBB Certification Exam Process for Exam Re-takes
1. Contact NEBB to make payment and an appointment to take the exam. *
2. You will receive a prompt confirmation e-mail regarding exam schedule and logistics.
This is an exciting new benefit available to NEBB Certified Firms and their personnel. For additional information about computer-based testing, contact the NEBB office at or 301.977.3698.
* Each NEBB discipline has its own set of certification requirements, and, certification in one discipline does not provide certification in any other discipline. Each discipline is anchored by a NEBB Procedural Standard that provides guidelines for work to be performed. Interested applicants should contact the chapter in their area of business to obtain an application and certification details. For a listing of chapters, visit
** NEBB certifies firms and individuals that work for NEBB certified firms. For NEBB certification, a firm must designate a professional within their firm to supervise all NEBB related work. Once the designated individual successfully passes the required testing, he/she will become a NEBB Certified Professional. Certification requirements for each NEBB discipline vary. Firms may have multiple Certified Professionals and Certified Technicians.
For more information, please contact Mandy Kaur at or 301.977.3698. NEBB is the premier international association of certified firms that perform testing, adjusting and balancing of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems in addition to building enclosure testing, building systems commissioning, building systems retro-commissioning, fume hood testing, sound and vibration testing, and cleanroom certification. NEBB is the leading source of industry information through its standards, procedures, publications, specifications, text books, study courses and newsletters. Additional information on NEBB is available at



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