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NEBB joins the Western HVAC Performance Alliance

NEBB has joined the Western HVAC Performance Alliance (WHPA). Through its participation in the alliance, NEBB will support WHPA’s mission to address energy efficiency issues.
WHPA is the "HVAC Advisory Group" described as follows in the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan: "An HVAC Advisory Group should be chartered to involve high-level HVAC industry stakeholders—such as manufacturers, distributors, and contractors—to coordinate industry sponsorship of and participation in HVAC strategies. Membership should also include other key players, such as the CPUC, Energy Commission utilities, building owners/managers, consumers, and the Federal government."
Tom Meyer, NEBB Director of Technical Services Programs, chairs the Education Subcommittee at WHPA. Through the active participation of committed organizations such as NEBB, WHPA can improve the energy efficiency of HVAC systems and offset the need to construct expensive power plants.
The Western HVAC Performance Alliance was established in 2009. Its mission is to provide input from the HVAC community to the Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) in the State of California in support of the goals of the California Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.
Through this collaboration, the small commercial HVAC industry will be transformed to ensure technology, equipment, installation and maintenance are of the highest quality to promote energy efficiency and peak load reduction.
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