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NEBB held Spanish TAB Technician Training Seminar in San Juan, Puerto Rico recently

The NEBB Capital-MarVa Chapter, with support from the NEBB TAB Committee, successfullyTraining_2 completed the first Spanish language TAB Technician Seminar and Exam in November 2011.
The seminar structure utilized a three day format routinely administered by local Chapters throughout NEBB. Seminar material was presented during the first two and a half days, with the exam administered on the afternoon of the third day. Proctors for the Capital-MarVa Chapter were Luis Chinchilla, Jon Sheppard, and Jim Kelleher; guest speakers included Andy Diaz, Juan Alfonzo-Reyes, and Miguel Diaz, all of which are NEBB Certified Professionals.
Twenty-five Technician candidates from the Chapter’s 11 Puerto Rican firms were in attendance. TheTraining_3 experience range of the attendees was from 2 years to 36 years. Each attendee was presented with Spanish translated material prepared by the Chapter’s resources. NEBB’s TAB Committee conducted the examination translation utilizing the current online version and provided the Capital-MarVa Chapter with written copies to facilitate the process. Our guest speakers were instrumental in the process both with the delivery of subject matter and also in identifying and rectifying dialect issues that came up.
The Capital-MarVa Chapter learned a great deal in the preparation and delivery of this seminar. For one thing, it became obvious that a peer review of all translated materials was a necessity. When other Chapters or NEBB Committees choose to translate materials, we recommend including numerous bilingual Certified Professionals in the peer review process, as this will greatly improve the final products.
Another lesson learned is that a complete literal language based translation is not necessary for engineering documents. Many terms and expressions get lost and even have to be translated back to English for proper understanding. The translation process should be more about rewriting document statements in the desired language as opposed to a word by word conversion of the English documents.
This successful seminar presentation was the culmination of hundreds of man hours of eventTraining_2 planning, material preparation, coordination of resources, and of course the actual material delivery and testing conducted at the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Juan. This event could not have happened if not for the determined efforts of the Capital-MarVa Technical and Educational Committees, and the exhaustive translation efforts by our multilingual Certified Professionals; Luis Chinchilla, Cisco Valentine, Andy Diaz, Miguel Diaz, and Juan Alfonzo-Reyes. We, as a Chapter, will continue to fine tune the presentation taking into account the many helpful suggestions we received and look forward to hosting other Spanish language training seminars.
If any chapters or NEBB committees desire further comments and or lessons learned from our foreign language presentation, please contact Tiffany Suite for assistance at or 301.599.9450.



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