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NEBB Briefing on Capitol Hill during High Performance Building Week in DC

NEBB co-sponsored a luncheon briefing on Advancing the Building Industry: Findings and Recommendations from the Consultative Council, on May 22, 2014 at the Capital Visitors Center, Washington DC.
Buildings are a key aspect of the nation’s economy and serve all citizens through the homes they live in, the schools or workplaces they visit daily, the healthcare facilities that keep them healthy, and the retail stores that facilitate trade. The National Institute of Building Sciences Consultative Council produces an annual report for the President and Congress of the United States of findings and recommendations aimed at improving the built environment. Tom Meyer, NEBB Director of Technical Programs, co-presented the report which provides recommendations of deliberations by leaders from across the buildings industry to ensure an effective workforce, improve building performance, implement effective codes and standards, increase resilience to hazards, and support multidisciplinary research and development.


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