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NEBB’s Fume Hood Testing Seminar is specified by Canadian Public Works and Government Services

Public Works and Government Services of Canada (PWGSC) released a new edition of the Mechanical Design Guidelines document MD 15128-2013: Laboratory Fume Hoods. It replaces MD 15128-2008 published in 2008.
The objective of this document is to provide design and testing requirements for laboratory fume hoods. This document also helps commissioning efforts for laboratory projects in the collection of data and test results that are required to properly install and safely operate and maintain fume hood systems.
PWGSC’s qualification criterion recommends NEBB’s Fume Hood Testing Seminar for Certified Professionals for contractors or in-house test agents.
Testing of laboratory fume hoods should be performed by a qualified, independent testing agency that has proven experience in this type of work. Qualification requirements should be as stated in the project brief, and proof of qualifications should be submitted to the project manager and the laboratory director. The project manager reserves the right to accept or reject the proposed testing agency.
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