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customers know that NEBB provides an International Stan-
dard Practice to the work he does and the consultants who
oversee his projects are comfortable with NEBB. “Firms in our
state have always provided good quality TAB projects,” Chris
says. “As the Australian chairmen of NEBB, part of my job is
to encourage as many of our fellow Australian professionals
to get on board the NEBB Technician Certification program.
That is the best introduction to anyone in our Industry.”
“NEBB provides the background, knowledge, procedural
standards, and certification, that we need to be able to do our
own TAB,” says Neil Marshall, NEBB Past President, retired.
“NEBB is recognized throughout the industry in Australia and
America. As a member of NEBB you increase your standard
of work to a point that the effort is universally accepted as
being the right way to do TAB and that is recognized as a
methodology that is acceptable in the industry.”
“I believe that the TAB or commissioning people are like an
orchestra maestro,” says Tarek Omar, general manager TAB,
Egypt and NEBB marketing and TAB committee correspond-
ing member. “No one can feel the conductor’s presence, but
the orchestra cannot perform without him.As an engineer, the
reference and standards are the basics of my thinking and
acting. NEBB gave me the chance to standardize my work
based on a global organization that is known and respected
by all who work in the field.” Tarek is attracted to NEBB be-
cause of the variety of disciplines that NEBB has. “For me,
that means that you can develop yourself and your business
without any need to go outside of NEBB,” said Tarek.
“NEBB’s knowledge of systems and how to test them showed
me that there was more to fault finding than trial and error,”
said Paul Chasteauneuf, technical support manager for AG
Coombs, Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia. “Using engineering
theory and knowing the difference between what something
will do in the field and the theoretical calculations is the key
to solving any field problem successfully. NEBB educational
programs provide both theoretical and practical guidance.”
He says, “When I started off as a refrigeration service me-
chanic, the small company I worked for had a two man com-
missioning department. Anytime our best service guys had
a problem with controls either air or water flow, they would
discuss the problem with the guys in our commissioning de-
partment. Both Eddie Park and Jim Owens, who were NEBB
TAB certified would always know what the next step would
be or what to test to find the solution. I wanted to be that guy
who people could go to and find the right answer.”
Paul has commissioned multistory buildings, sports facilities,
clean rooms, quarantine rooms, locomotive refueling and
workshop facilities, co and tri-generation plants, and per-
formance tested air handling units, cooling towers, chillers,
boilers, generators, and many other types of plants. He even
had a sweet job of partially redesigning and recommission-
ing a chocolate bar manufacturing machine!
In a recent New York Times article, “… the new U.S. Embassy
compound in Madagascar, that includes high-efficiency win-
dows and low-flow toilets, received certification as a green
building. Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers,
also earned a green stamp of approval recently as did the
Seoul Finance Center in South Korea. As companies and
governments look to burnish their environmental credentials
around the world, many are devoting extra time and money
to certifying their buildings as green.”
“NEBB has had an influence on the U.S. State Department
projects for a very long time because NEBB continues to fo-
cus on the proper ethics and maintaining the quality of their
programming,” says Clyde Porter, CEO and president of Por-
ter Testing Services, U.S.A. “NEBB has the personal touch
throughout the association and that is why we are as strong
as we are now.” Clyde has done work at the Marshal Space
Flight Center and all over the world. The young engineers
who work with Clyde, in the foreign countries he’s been in,
want to emulate his work. “That’s what makes NEBB desir-
able in the countries I work in,” Clyde says. “To see the NEBB
influence grow around the world is neat. One of the reasons I
joined NEBB is the fellowship and the fun of being part of an
organization where you are personal friends with all of the
professionals and because you are personal friends you work
together really well. We all want the same thing.”
“At the end of the day, we are all facing the same problems
and NEBB is a good forum to exchange ideas, listen to others,
and learn,” says Jean-Paul Leblanc, president Hydrauliques
R&O Services Inc, Canada and current NEBB President. ”Be-
ing NEBB certified was a goal to achieve for our company. We
are all involved in delivering a quality product and everyone
is participating in that process. NEBB certification helped us
to implement a good work ethic among our forces. All of my
employees are proud to work for a NEBB certified company.”
“I feel that NEBB is an asset to me every day. My certifica-
tion is not a piece of paper to hang on the wall. Certification
is how I practice my professional life,” Tarek says. “Joining
NEBB gives me a strength when I offer my services to a cli-
ent. Most of my clients know how hard a NEBB certification is
to get and maintain. A good commissioning engineer needs
to have knowledge of design, construction, installation, and
maintenance in addition to TAB and commissioning”
“My certificate hangs with pride in a place, in my office,
alongside my Associates Diploma and Certificate of Technol-
ogy,” says Paul. “There is a great deal to learn from the NEBB
study course and the interaction of like-minded people at
NEBB events. The Environmental Systems Technology book
is the bible of our industry and sits on the selves of many
intelligent people for a quick reference of what to do when
that difficult problem arises.”
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