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Introducing NEBB's NEBBinar Series


Predicting tomorrow's complex technical issues and solutions is a challenge. Stay current with NEBB's webinar series - NEBBinar - live webcasts that will provide insights on key changes affecting your business.

The first NEBBinar was launched in collaboration with Belimos americas. The topic was "New Technology to Improve Low Delta-T Syndrome Large Facilities." Jim Huber, NEBB Vice President moderated the session.
Low Delta-T Syndrome is a common (and costly) problem in many large facilities, especially on sprawling campuses with central chilled water plants. The new Energy Valve helps detect and address all of the following scenarios that commonly impact coil performance and thus system efficiency:  
• Coil degradation due to fouling and scale
• Improperly sized coils
• Poor valve authority results in under or overflow of the coil
• Changes made elsewhere in the system that frequently impact other circuits which are inherently interactive
This NEBBinar covered:
• Advantages of PI Valves
• Changes in Coil Performance
• Constant Commissioning
• The Energy Valve
• Analyze the installed power efficiency of each and every coil
• Document and create history reports on coil performance
• Optimize performance using advanced algorithms
Here is a link to unanswered questions from the NEBBinar. Click here for NEBBinar recording.



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