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Fred Menger Receives the NEBB George B. Hightower Award

April 3, 2014, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – Robert (Bob) Linder, 2014 NEBB President presented the Fred_Menger_Receives_AwardGeorge B. Hightower Award to Fred Menger for his distinguished service to NEBB and the global HVAC industry. Bob Linder presented the award to Fred during the opening reception of the 2014 NEBB Annual Conference, April 3-5, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
The George B. Hightower Award is NEBB's most prestigious honor and is presented to people who have made outstanding achievements and contributions to the HVAC industry and to the success of NEBB. Fred received the George B. Hightower Award based on his exemplary service to NEBB and to the North Central chapter of NEBB.
On receiving the award, Fred Menger said, "I had the opportunity to know Mr. Hightower personally and work with him. I believe in everything Mr. Hightower stood for: high integrity, high standards, and high quality. Not only am I honored to receive this prestigious award, but when I was President of NEBB in 1999, I had the honor of presenting Mr. Hightower with the first George B. Hightower award."
Bob Linder presented the award to Fred and mentioned, "It was an honor to present the award to Fred. In addition to his contributions to NEBB, he has been a mentor to me since I joined our local chapter. He always seems to have time to help others."
John Schulte, NEBB EVP commented, "Fred’s sustained engagement as a volunteer leader is a testament to his commitment to the success of the NEBB organization. His contributions of time, effort and intellect on behalf of the firms and individuals affiliated with NEBB are remarkable and are greatly appreciated by us all."
Fred has been an active member of North Central NEBB chapter since 1975. Fred’s participation has spanned his professional career and carried on into in retirement in 2009. His service at the chapter level includes:
• Board of Directors 1975-2009, including multiple terms in multiple Office positions
• Technical Committee Chair 1975-2010
• Education Committee Member 1975-2010
Fred became active at the NEBB national level in late 70’s. His service includes:
• Board of Directors 1983-1986 and 1992-2000
• Executive Finance Committee 1986 and 1996-1999
o Treasurer 1986 and 1996
o Vice President 1997
o President Elect 1998
o President 1999
o Past President 2000
• Reviewer, Contributor and/or Author of over 40 NEBB publications and examinations, including:
o Contributor, 1996 Hydronics Systems Manual
o Contributor, 1997 Edition of the TAB Manual for Technicians
o Contributor, 1998 6th Edition of the Procedural Standards for TAB of Environmental Systems
o Contributor, 1984 1st Edition and the 1999 2nd Edition of the Environmental Systems Technology
o Contributor, 2002 Edition of the TAB Home Study Course for Technicians
o Contributor, 2005 7th Edition of the Procedural Standards for TAB of Environmental Systems
• Chapter Affairs Committee Member and Chairman
• TAB Committee Member and Chairman
• QAP Technical Reviewer since the program’s inception
In addition to his contributions to NEBB, Fred has been a lifetime member of ASHRAE and a member of the 50 Year Club of Dunwoody College of Technology
For more information, please contact Mandy Kaur at or 301.977.3698. NEBB is the premier international association of certified firms that perform testing, adjusting and balancing of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems in addition to building enclosure testing, building systems commissioning, building systems retro-commissioning, fume hood testing, sound and vibration testing, and cleanroom certification. NEBB is the leading source of industry information through its standards, procedures, publications, specifications, text books, study courses and newsletters. Additional information on NEBB is available at


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