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Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning Procedural Standards: Table 4-1 Required Instruments Modifications

The BSC Committee is issuing revised “Table 4-1: NEBB Required Instruments” for the Proceduralbigstock_Modern_Architecture_-_Atrium_5264043 Standards for Whole Building Commissioning of New Construction and the Procedural Standards for Retro-Commissioning of Existing Buildings. These revisions were implemented for two reasons:
• To ensure that the equipment and instrumentation requirements are coordinated with related NEBB disciplines
• To ensure the instruments required are readily available for purchase in the marketplace.
It should be noted that these modifications do not affect instruments that meet previous certification requirements.
These revisions were made to ensure the commissioning related standards are up to date with future editions of the procedural standards in related NEBB disciplines. The intent of the commissioning and retro-commissioning equipment requirements has always been to mirror the requirements of the TAB and Sound and Vibration instrumentation requirements for Cx/RCx equipment. Table 4-1 in the Cx/RCx standards will continue to identify the required instruments, but now refer to the TAB and Sound and Vibration Procedural Standards for the current range, accuracy, resolution and calibration requirements.
The revisions also include minor modifications to the range, accuracy and resolution requirements for some instrumentation. These changes allow more readily available and reasonably priced equipment to be used, while still providing the ability to capture the data necessary to ensure proper system operation.
The BSC Committee has removed the SHALL requirement for the Electrical Data Logger. This requirement, although important in analyzing building operation, was not deemed to be a requirement for a Retro-Commissioning certified firm to own. The SHOULD requirement for the Power Quality Data Logger remains.
As the commissioning and retro-commissioning fields continue to expand, the tables will be re-evaluated. It is NEBB’s objective that the requirements identify the instrumentation necessary to continue to provide the quality services that separates us from other providers. If there are any additional comments or proposed modifications to the instrumentation requirements, please contact the NEBB staff or the BSC committee.
The tables are available for download below. 



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