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California Title 24- Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician Certification Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Title 24 Nonresidential Mechanical Acceptance Test Training and Certification Program?

Section 10-103-B of California’s building energy code (Title 24), has a provision that requires Certified Technicians and Employers to perform Mechanical Acceptance Testing.  The acceptance tests ensure code compliance and promote optimization of efficiency and performance for non-residential buildings. They serve to determine whether specific building components, equipment, systems, and interfaces between systems conform to criteria set forth in the Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

Section 10-103-B also allows certification providers such as NEBB to become certified under this requirement once they submit their programs to the CEC and receive CEC approval. 

The requirement for certified technicians will not be mandatory until all participating certification programs achieve a minimum of 300 certified Mechanical Acceptance Test Technicians (MATT). 

Do I need to be a member of NEBB in order to become certified as an Acceptance Test Technician or an Acceptance Test Employer?

No. NEBB is a certifying body and does not have members. Firms and Individuals certified by NEBB must maintain their certification by complying with the program requirements for experience, training and examinations, and payment of the necessary fees. Eligibility in the NEBB program is open to all qualified individuals and firms.  More information is available in the NEBB Candidate Handbook.

Do I need to be a member of a local NEBB chapter in order to become certified as an Acceptance Test Technician or an Acceptance Test Employer?

No. Membership in your local NEBB chapter is not required under this certification program although it is highly recommended.   There are many benefits of NEBB chapter membership.  More information on local chapters can be found by clicking here.

As a NEBB CP/CT, how can I comply with Title 24 ATTCP requirements?

NEBB Certified Professionals (CP) and Certified Technicians (CT) should work with their local California jurisdictions to determine how to comply with the Title 24 requirements.  Currently, the tests are required but the individual completing the acceptance test is not required to be certified.  The California Energy Commission has not yet mandated that the person performing those tests be required to be certified.  NEBB expects the certification mandate to be implemented some time in 2019.

When will the NEBB Mechanical Acceptance Testing Certification Program be in effect?

NEBB’s ATTCP program is active.  Individuals and Employers wishing to become NEBB-Certified may apply by filing an application through the Title 24 Registry, available here.

Can I get certified through NEBB?

      Access the employer application here.  

      Access the technician application here

I am a NEBB CP/CT interested in the training for Mechanical Acceptance Testing in California.  Are there any details available?

Now that NEBB’s application as an Acceptance Test Technician Certification Provider (ATTCP) has been approved, NEBB is able to mobilize to meet the terms of that approval and create the necessary infrastructure.  Click here for the technician application process.

I am a NEBB CP/CT interested in the training for Mechanical Acceptance Testing in California.  Are there any details available?

Participation in the technician certification program is limited to persons who have at least three years of verifiable professional experience and expertise in mechanical controls and systems of the specific acceptance test as determined by NEBB.  Additionally, individual entrance exams have been created to verify the applicant’s knowledge as it pertains to each form.

Additional information is available in the Candidate Handbook

More information can also be obtained at T24 Additional Information.

Will there be any fees associated with the certification?

Yes. There is a fee schedule available in the Candidate Handbook.

Will firms also need to be certified under the program

Yes. Title 24 requires that the Employer also be certified under Title 24. Click here for the Firm application process.

Are there continuing education requirements for firms or individuals certified as Acceptance Test Technicians or Employers?

When updates in the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards occur, establishing new and / or modified acceptance test requirements, NEBB shall require recertification of all affected Technicians. Training and testing will be limited to the new and / or modified elements of the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards updates. NEBB also requires recertification of Technicians who have not performed a specific acceptance test in 24 months. Recertification may be limited to a performance test. 

Similarly, NEBB may require Certified Employers to recertify if changes in either Codes or Standards modify the Employer's administrative responsibilities. Depending on the level and depth of changes and / or modifications to the Employer’s administrative responsibilities, NEBB may require one or all of the following:

-         A signed statement that they have read and understand the new or modified changes

-         That the Employer attends a class or webinar

-         Pass a written exam


How often is NEBB’s ATTCP program updated?


NEBB’s program is updated every time Section 10-103-B of California’s Building Energy code (Title 24) is updated.  The current program requirements are based on the 2016 edition of the code.  The 2016 code went into effect on January 1, 2017. NEBB plans on offering the 2019 version of the program once approved by the CEC.


How does the NEBB ATTCP program differ from other ATTCP Programs?

There are two significant differences in the NEBB program and other ATTCP programs currently available.

First, NEBB does not require firms or individuals to be a signatory to a union or member of any organization.  The NEBB program is open to all qualified persons and employers, including contractors, design professionals, consulting professionals, commissioning professionals, etc.

Second, NEBB does not require individuals to have be certified in every Mechanical Acceptance Test. NEBB's program only require the Technician to obtain certification for the test they will be performing. For example, a Technician working for a company that never performs testing of thermal storage systems is not required to be certified for that test if he or she chooses not to. 

               How does the NEBB ATTCP program differ from NEBB’s other certification programs?

The NEBB ATTCP program is not the same as NEBB’s other certification programs. 

1.     There is no NEBB Procedural Standard for the Title 24 program; all program and testing requirements for this program are as dictated by California Code.

2.     Certifications under this program are issued directly by NEBB and not through the NEBB Certification Board.

3.     Oversight and accountability of this program is administered through the Registery and NEBB’s Title 24 Technical Committee.

If my firm becomes certified by NEBB as a California Mechanical Acceptance Test Employer (CAMATE), will our company be able to perform other related work as a Certified Firm?

No. Firms certified by NEBB as a California Mechanical Acceptance Test Employer cannot claim to be certified under NEBB’s other certification programs, nor can they advertise or make misleading statements in any way as to the certification status of the Employer or its employees.  However, firms and individuals certified under NEBB’s California ATTCP program are encouraged to pursue certification in NEBB’s other disciplines since those programs and training are of great benefit to persons involved in California’s acceptance testing requirements.

What is "The Registry"

A registry has been created for California’s Title 24 program.  The Registry provides and performs several functions, including:

·         Acts as the application portal for certification candidates.

·         Retains applications during review and approval process.

·         Retains examination results.

·         Acts as a portal for processing and retaining Mechanical Acceptance forms by Certificate holders and others.

·         Acts as the complaint portal.

·         Verifies that an engineer, contractor, consultant or technician’s state license is in good standing.

·         Provides analytical reports for audit and other purposes.

·         Provides information as requested to Certification Providers and appropriate CEC staff.

Is there someone I can contact at NEBB for more information?

All questions regarding NEBB’s Title 24 ATTCP program should be directed to Tiffany Suite,

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