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NEBB’s Fume Hood Performance Testing program provides certification of firms and individuals that meet the criteria established by NEBB.

As more facilities are using fume hoods in their research laboratories, there is a demand for certified, competent firms to make sure a facility's fume hoods are operating effectively. Certification in Fume Hood Testing (FHT) will offer hospitals, laboratories, and educational facilities proof of technical knowledge, skills and instrumentation to test fume hoods for effectiveness.

Fume Hood Testing Certification Requirements for Firms

In order to become NEBB Certified in Fume Hood Testing, a firm must:
  • Enjoy a reputation for integrity and responsible performance. Six letters of endorsement, five from consulting engineers, architects or building owners and the sixth may be from a contracting firm. All should reflect work that the applicant firm has completed. Firms who are already NEBB Certified in another discipline will not need these letters.
  • Be affiliated and in good standing with a local NEBB Chapter.
  • Possess the various instruments and equipment which are required; the local NEBB Chapter must visually confirm compliance.
  • Confirm in writing that it will conform to the NEBB guidelines for the calibration and maintenance of the instruments and equipment required.
  • Possess the current NEBB Procedural Standards for Fume Hood Testing.
  • Designate in writing the Designated Certified Professional who will represent the firm and be responsible for the supervision of fume hood testing work.

Fume Hood Testing Certification Requirements for Certified Professionals

NEBB also establishes professional qualifications for the supervision and performance of work in the FHT discipline. The Certified Professional requirements include:
  • Have experience equal to either of the following:
A. Have a minimum of five years combined educational and supervisory experience in Fume Hood Testing.
o NOTE: All requirements cannot be conducted concurrently.

B. Have a High School Diploma/GED.


o Have a minimum of two years of field experience in Fume Hood Testing.


o Attended training directly related to Fume Hood Testing.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Fume Hood Testing by passing the NEBB Fume Hood Testing Online and Practical exams.

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