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NEBB CEC Sources

Continuing education is an essential part of all NEBB personnel certifications.  NEBB offers many options to fulfill this requirement.  The HVAC industry offers a wide variety of education and NEBB will consider many different types of seminars, classes, and webinars.

 Continuing education hours may be earned at:

Listed at the bottom of this web page are Continuing Education Credit (CEC) Policy & Submission Forms for Certified Professionals, Certified Technicians and CxPPs.

Each document is separated into distinct CEC Submission categories, gives detailed information on the type of continuing education that is accepted, and the appropriate documentation that must be submitted with the CEC Form.

  • Certificants are responsible for submitting their CECs in a timely manner within their two-year cycle.
  • CEC Credit is only granted after an activity has been completed and documented. 
  • NEBB reserves the right to verify any information submitted with a recertification application and to request further information or documentation from the Certificant as needed.

NEBB CEC & Recertification Policy & Submission Forms

Certificants are encouraged to submit their continuing education credits as soon they earn them and not wait until the end of their two–year cycle to submit. 


NEBB Certified Professional CEC Policy


NEBB Certified Technician CEC Policy


NEBB CEC Upload Instructions


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