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Commissioning Process Professional Certification (CxPP)

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CxPP Certification Achieves DOE Recognition 

In September 2017, NEBB achieved accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for its Commissioning Process Professional (CxPP) certification and recently became a recognized certification by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Better Buildings® Workforce Guidelines (BBWG) program.
Administered by the National Institute of Building Sciences Commercial Workforce Credentialing Council, the BBWG program requires that, to be recognized, certification programs first attain third party accreditation available through ANSI, which involves a rigorous process of demonstrating compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 17024. Once accredited, the certifying body applies to DOE for formal BBWG recognition — a designation that demonstrates the program is "high quality, industry endorsed, and nationally recognized by DOE."
NEBB’s CxPP Certification Program was developed to respond to the need for a commissioning-based protocol to be deployed in new construction and retro-commissioning projects. CxPPs create added value by comprehensively addressing the energy efficiency of building systems and their ongoing operations. 
Improving the operational performance of America’s buildings offers significant energy and cost savings. Realizing those performance improvements requires a highly skilled and qualified workforce; to train the next-generation of building professionals, however, certification programs must be high-quality, consistent, and scalable across certification programs. The DOE BBWG, created in collaboration with the National Institute of Building Sciences and industry stakeholders, have established a clear set of guidelines that industry stakeholders can leverage for the development of successful training and certification programs.
NEBB’s CxPP certification program is available to industry professionals who build, manage, and continually improve energy performance in commercial buildings. It is based on specific processes and energy management protocol to be used in new and existing buildings, including retro-commissioning and energy retrofit projects.
CxPP certification applicants are required to go through an application process prior to sitting for the exam. Requirements include education, commissioning experience, and general management experience. Applicants must demonstrate competency in:
Planning effective commissioning protocols;
Managing documents;
Implementing the commissioning program;
Managing budget and finance;
Providing ongoing commissioning.
The CxPP certification aids in the development of a well-trained building energy workforce that can address the energy efficiency of building systems and their ongoing operations.  For more information on NEBB’s CxPP individual certification program, visit or email

To obtain information on NEBB's CxPP individual certification program, please email



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