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Cleanroom Performance Testing Certification Program

NEBB’s Cleanroom Performance Testing program provides certification of firms and individuals that meet the criteria established by NEBB.


If you are searching for a rewarding and high-tech career path, consider Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT). Clean and controlled environments are used by a wide range of industries. From their more obvious uses in medical facilities to their necessity in integrated circuit manufacture, cleanrooms provide an essential role in modern production and research.


Industries that use clean rooms include biotechnology, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, medical, military and telecommunications. Cleanrooms are particularly important to the semiconductor industry. Various companies provide cleanroom design and construction, whether modular or facility-wide. Some clean "rooms" can even span an entire factory.


Cleanroom Performance Testing Certification Requirements for Firms

NEBB certifies firms to ensure strict compliance to its high standards and procedures. Each Certified Firm must meet an array of criteria, including:

  • Have operated for a minimum period of 12 months continuously with an employee as an engineering firm; mechanical contractor; plumbing contractor; fire protection contractor; electrical contractor; testing contractor; or an adjusting and balancing (TAB) contractor. 
  • Enjoy a reputation for responsible performance. Six letters of endorsement from building owners or contract awarding authorities in the firm's area are required.
  • Be a member in good standing of a local NEBB Chapter.
  • Own the CPT instruments which are required for NEBB certification in Cleanroom Performance Testing.
  • Possess the current NEBB Standards for Cleanroom Performance Testing.
  • Designate in writing the Designated Certified Professional who will represent the firm and be responsible for the supervision of Cleanroom Performance Testing.



Cleanroom Performance Testing Certification Requirements for Certified Professionals

For the most current pre-req, please email 

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