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NEBB Standards Council

Purpose of NEBB Standards Council
The NEBB Standards Council oversees the activities of any NEBB Standards Committee related to the development, reaffirmation, revision, and withdrawal of a NEBB Standard that is intended to be or has been approved by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). These consensus standards will pertain to the testing, adjustment, and commissioning of building systems and will be developed or revised in accordance with the ANSI approved NEBB Procedures for American National Standards.

Scope of NEBB Standards Council
The NEBB Standards Council will establish liaisons with any NEBB Standards Committee in order to ensure that the NEBB Procedures for American National Standards are closely followed in the development of a consensus standard. The intent of this involvement is to minimize the potential for public appeals of any ANSI approved NEBB Standard. Any problems with a NEBB Standards Committee that cannot be resolved by the NEBB Standards Council will be referred to the NEBB Board of Directors with a recommended action that is based upon the NEBB Procedures for American National Standards.


Public Notice

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Brian Hill, Chairman

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Patrick Law

Hepatest Certification, LLC

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Atlantic Testing and Balancing, Inc

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