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Updated NEBB-Approved Instrument REQUIREMENTS

ListS Make Recertification Easier


NEBB is pleased to announce that changes to the Approved Instrument Requirements Lists will make the recertification process easier for both certificants and Chapter Technical Committees alike.  Please note:  While the lists indicate an effective date of January 1, 2018, those who are currently working on their recertification must adhere to these new requirements.

While most of the changes in the instrumentation reflect minor "tweaks," a few major modifications affect either a specific discipline or more than one discipline.

Significant changes to the newly posted instrument lists include:

  • Ownership of Sound Measurement (SM) instrumentation
  • All instrumentation requirements in both US and SI Units
  • Calibration requirements clearly defined
    • NIST (or equal outside of US)
    • 3-point range verification
    • 12-month cycle
  • Cross discipline reference of instrumentation
  • All range, accuracy, resolution defined 

Here’s a specific example of an instrument change: Cleanroom Performance Testing has modified the instrumentation requirements for that discipline to reflect the field testing being performed in the various types of cleanroom environments.  While the basic instrumentation requirements for airflow, pressure and particle counting remain the same the methodology for leak testing depicts actual conditions, whether the use of photometer or particle counter scan testing for compliance is required.

In addition, Certelligence instrument lists (pull-down menus) have been updated to include approved instruments in each of the categories.  While the lists are updated periodically and are extensive, they are not all-inclusive and may not contain all instrumentation that meet the requirements.  Any instrument not on the list but meeting the conditions of the specific standard requirements should be added as "other" along with data specifications in the documentation/photo upload for review by the chapter. 

It’s never too early to start the recertification process – don’t wait until August!  For more information about the new NEBB-Approved Instrument Requirements and its role in recertification, please contact your local chapter.

   Instrument Requirements - All Disciplines

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