The NEBB Professional – Summer 2013
Highlights from our
Annual Conference
NEBB held its 2013 Annual Conference in Montreal,
Canada on May 2-4. The conference was a huge
success. The conference agenda featured leading
industry experts including representatives from BOMA,
other industry organizations. The speakers addressed
the theme of the conference - Solutions to Optimize
High Performance Buildings, and discussed solutions
for problems facing the global HVAC industry.
The conference provided attendees insights into
timely topics and technical updates as well as ample
opportunity to network with NEBB specialists and peers.
There was ample representation from HVAC product
and service providers and testing equipment providers
showcasing latest products and technologies.
For the golf enthusiasts, the 16th Annual Golf Tournament
was held at the Club de Golf de L’ile de Montreal.
For the attending spouses, Montreal offered an
outstanding array of activities, as well as a networking
breakfast, a specially packaged tour of Montreal, and an
interactive session designed for today’s women, spouses
and business owners presented by Danielle Turcola.
Stan Fleischer donated to ASHRAE Research by
handing a $10,000 check to TimWentz, Vice President,
ASHRAE, at the opening session of the 2013 NEBB
Annual Conference on May 2, continuing the long
tradition of NEBB’s support for ASHRAE research.
NEBB’s donation will help fund research projects,
RP 7.07 69,808 Determine the Effects of Duct
Fittings on Air Velocity Measurements KANSAS STATE
U. - Manhattan, KS” and “Measuring Air-tightness of
Mid- and High-rise Non-residential Buildings.”
The next 3 pages show a collage of images highlighting
many of the Conference events and participants.
Solutions for Optimizing High Performance Buildings
May 2-4, 2013, Hyatt Regency, Montreal, Canada
Stan Fleischer presents $10,000 check for ASHRAE Research to Tim
Wentz, Vice President of ASHRAE