The NEBB Professional – Summer 2013
NEBB Operational Procedures -
NEBB has released a new edition of the Operational
Procedures for immediate use, replacing the 11
edition, released in February 2009. There are many
changes reflected in the new Operational Procedures.
Certified Professionals and other individuals who are
involved with NEBB operations should read and become
familiar with the new procedures. In this revision,
emphasis has been placed on removing duplicity from
other documents and organizing the information and
requirements into seven distinct sections.
To help introduce the newly approved document,
a round table session was held at the 2013 NEBB
Annual Conference in Montreal. The session was open
to Chapter Presidents and Chapter Coordinators, with
three NEBB Directors leading the discussion. These are
the individuals who often are first in line when it comes
to discussing NEBB’s requirements for recertification,
stamp use, and other matters of NEBB governance.
The session was well received by those in attendance.
There were several major format changes from the
previous Operational Procedures:
Introduction Section removed
Firm Solo Certifications removed
Discipline Certification Requirements removed
Examination Requirements removed
QAP section removed
Compliance and Enforcement actions consolidated
Accredited Associates section removed (this
programwas eliminateddue to lack of participation)
Following are examples of the changes reflected in
the 12
Edition of the Operational Procedures. These
changes are noted in summary format only. Each
section and sub-paragraph should be read in its entirety
to ensure the full understanding of the requirements.
Section 1: Chapters:
• 1.1.2
removed the minimum number of firms
a chapter must have
• 1.3.3
added a provision requiring chapters
to process and forward to NEBB all
applications within 45 days
• 1.4.1
The Chapter Board of Directors shall be
made up of CP’s and have no more than
two from any one firm
Section 2: Certified Firms:
• 2.1.2
Applicant Firm definition introduced
• 2.3.4
Designated Certified Professional, one
firm – one office, management level,
ensures the firm and all other CP’s at
a firm maintain compliance with NEBB
Recertification includes re-affirmation
of adherence to NEBB Operational
• 2.5.2
Multiple office requirements modified
Section 3: Certified Professionals:
• 3.1.1
Applicant CP may only be employed by
one Certified Firm or one Applicant Firm
• 3.3.1
Recertification is now 12 hours in
years; must be at NEBB Meeting,
NEBB Chapter Sponsored Continuing
Education seminar; or any NEBB
Sponsored discipline education seminar
• 3.3.2
Chapters with members outside the
continental United States may apply
for approval of alternative options for
continuing education
• 3.3.3
Recertification includes review of,
and continued adherence to, NEBB
• 3.4.3
Stamp control andusage,signature stamps
allowed, electronic stamps allowed
Section 4: Certified Technicians:
• 4.1.1
Applicant CT employed by one firm only
• 4.5.1
CT status inactive, up to 36 months,
when not working for a NEBB firm
Jim Kelleher | NEBB’s Chapter Affairs Committee