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Individual Certification

Those interested in NEBB’s Personnel Certification should review the Candidate Handbook to learn about the types of certification available. Then contact NEBB to request an Application for Candidacy and certification details. In order to facilitate a proper response, please indicate the specific certification in which you are interested. 


NEBB Personnel Certification Process

Individuals must complete the specific certification's Application for Candidacy, meet the pre-requisite requirements, be accepted into the certification program of choice, pay related fees, study and successfully pass the required examination(s).

Once all criteria have been met, the Candidate will be certified as a NEBB Certified Professional (CP) or NEBB Certified Technician (CT).

1.     Certified individuals that are employed by a NEBB firm are designated as Affiliated Certified Professionals or Technicians.

2.     Certified individuals that are not employed by a NEBB firm are designated as Non-Affiliated Certified Professionals or Technicians.

Certification Policies

  1. NEBB Individual Certification Code of Conduct Policy
  2. NEBB Individual Certification Compliance Policy
  3. NEBB Individual Certification Pre-Requisite & Eligibility Policy
  4. NEBB Individual Certification Recertification Policy
  5. NEBB Impartiality Policy
  6. NEBB Use of Individual Certification Marks, Logos, and Certificates Policy

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Certification Handbooks for Each Discipline

To receive a copy of the discipline handbook, please email


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